Our world today seems to value analysis and critique, often at the expense of creativity. Benett encourages students to go beyond their comfort zone and develop skills that make the guitar the creative instrument it truly is.

Teaching Experience

Benett offers private instruction in acoustic, electric and
bass guitar, covering many styles including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco and Classical. Not only will you learn to make music on this astounding instrument, you can also expect to gain an understanding of reading tablature, notes and lead sheets, improvisation and composition. All students are welcome... from age six to eighty-six!

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Guitar Lessons

Here is a brief outline of course content 

  1. Music reading in the first position, notes of the fingerboard, rhythmic values, and key and time signatures

  2. Music theory: the spelling and playing applications of scale formulas and modes, triads, seventh chords and other extended harmonies.      

  3. Techniques for left and right hand development; rasguedos, rest/free strokes, tremolo picking, arpeggios, slurs.

  4. Performance of traditional and contemporary songs and effective practice techniques.

  5. Search “Benzussman” on Youtube for instructional and performance videos.

Teaching Resume

  1. 2006 - Present : Foothill College presently teaching 3 classical guitar classes and an online home recording class

  2. 2007-Present : De  Anza College, beginning guitar

  3. 2007 - 2008 : Campbell Community Center, intermediate group guitar class

  4. 1994 - present : Joplin and Sweeny Music Co. private lessons (acoustic, electric and bass)

  5. Summer 2006 : group guitar class Leigh High School  (beginner ages 10-14)

  6. 1990-2000 : Community  School of Music and Art private instructor,
    Director and creator of the CSMA Rock and Blues ensemble

  7. 1994-1999 : Campbell Music Center - private lessons

  8. 1993 -1996 : Music Students Ahead - private lessons

Learn To Play The Guitar



Contact me directly for private lessons by clicking HERE.

Foothill College • Fine Arts and Communication Division • (650) 949-7262 •

Campbell Community Center  • Intermediate guitar class. This class emphasizes rhythm guitar and
playing songs. 408 370-6590 •

Community  School of Music and Art private instructor, Director and creator of the
CSMA Rock and Blues ensemble •

Joplin and Sweeny Music Co. (408) 395-7818

DeAnza College Music Department •