Benett Zussman • Guitarist

Bay area native Benett Zussman has performed throughout California, He earned a Master degree in improvised music at San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Arts in classical guitar performance under the tutelage of Maestro Jose Rey de la Torre. These days, he devotes his time to performing and teaching and happily shares his life with his wife Diana and their furry companions Gibson and Fender.

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  1. 1995 Master Thesis San Jose State University
    The Sigirious Song Form in Flamenco Guitar: A Historical and Comparative Study

  2. December 2006 Release - cd “Round Trip” recorded at Highland Recording Studios
    A collection of new music for solo guitar

Performance Experience Includes

Publications and Recordings

2007-2010    Arts Express La Petit Trianon “The Guitar Story” Student Outreach  Program, San Jose. Jerry Snyder and Benett perform guitar music from Renaissance to Rock

2005 - present Jardines de San Juan with mandolin virtuoso Billy Packard

2006 American Red Cross Katrina Reief Concert City  Hall, San Jose solo guitar

2001 - 2008 Ka ‘u Concert Society Annual Holiday concerts series solo and ensemble. Big Island , Hawaii

2002 -2008  Tapestry and Talent Festival San Jose solo and with guests

1990 -2000 La Maison du Cafe Los Gatos solo